Friday, 20 September 2013

Luxury Hotel of Marseille Design Arsitect Modern

New Hotel of Marseille entrance
New Hotel of Marseille
We were wonderfully greeted by the Receptionist (who used my name several times) which made me feel at home after a disastrous trip from the airport (GPS definitely not updated!). The lovely Bell Boy escorted us to a Standard Room (21 m² with queen size bed) where we were staying for one night. The room was surprisingly much more demure than the rest of the hotel, more relaxing with white walls and only few pops of colours with the chairs and bed thrown. We slept incredibly well, comfortable mattress and pillows.
Standard room at New Hotel of Marseille
Hotel of Marseille Standard room
New Hotel of Marseille
The bathroom was rather spacious for a standard room, very clean and practical. I was delighted to find La companie de Provence products in the bathroom, great little pops of colours and wonderful traditional blend with this newly designed hotel.
Bathroom at New Hotel of Marseille
Toiletteries at New Hotel of Marseille
Love that funny fish soap holder !
Love that funny fish soap holder !
Victor Cafe restaurant and bar was really fun to be at for the evening, really trendy and busy. Our dinner was delicious, many dinners around us were not staying at the hotel so I think it is a popular spots for locals.
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Regularly artists are exhibiting their work at the hotel. Here is more information on the art work at the New Hotel of Marseille. Guests are encourage to watch and interact with the artist while this one is working on his/her art. I found it absolutely fascinating and spent a lot of time looking around the hotel for some amazing piece of art. Love it or hate it, it was like being at a museum and I loved it !


  1. Loved this hotel. The room was amazing and very comfortable.

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