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My experience with Thai Airways

Going to Thailand on holiday only meant we had to book with Thai Airways to experience the airline famous service. Of course, I could have booked with BA and get extra points or Qatar Airways but it made more sense to book the country pride and joy !
Our journey was London heathrow T2 to Bangkok, Bangkok to Phuket / and return. The checkin online was relatively easy to do and confirmation were sent within seconds to my inbox. We had the opportunity to check in 2 luggages of 30 kg each in economy so if you love bringing back souvenirs it will be ideal.
Arriving on board : we were nicely welcomed by the team and pointed out to our seats. Sadly, the flights were almost full when we booked our last minute trip so we ended up at the back of the aircraft…not ideal when you have to catch the connection to Phuket in less than 45min !
experience thai airways
I was meant to take pictures of the meals…sorry about that but I did not have the time to do so ! We really liked the food served on board…i can’t believe i am saying this but my husband only wants to fly Thai because of the food now ;-)
We flew Economy and there, i must say, it was difficult….12h is a long flight for a claustrophobic like me. The Width of the seat was a bit small for me…i know i am large from the bottom but when you spend that amount of hours next to a stranger it was hell. However, on the return flight the legroom was a fantastic surprise compared than the way in – when i had a panic attack when seating down due to the lack of space.
When arriving in Bangkok we had to go through immigration and security again which was really not practical as it was busy and we had the connection to Phuket waiting. Sadly, no one from Thai Airways was at the arrival to guide us so it was a bit of a struggle. The same happened on the way back…we arrived in Bangkok at C8 and our next flight was C6 but the airline made us go back all the way down to domestic arrival for us to walk back to international departure. Very stressful ! So remember to allow yourself a bit of extra time if you are connecting….
Economy class
The crew was extremely charming and elegant – i loved the uniforms. They kept the aircraft extremely clean – i was impressed to see them filling up on tissues, toilet paper and perfume during the flight ! We were offered drinks on a regular basis which i never experienced with British Airways… I really felt that the crew cared about the Economy Class well being.
Arriving in Phuket Airport around 7pm, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make our way around and find the exit. The buzz, heat and humidity was a bit overwhelming after spending all that time on the aircrafts but loved Thailand from the moment we arrived…
Welcome to Phuket Airport !
Welcome to Phuket Airport !
So would I fly again with Thai Airways ? without a doubt yes… but i will try to book earlier if Economy Class to pick the 2 seats in the back – don’t like sharing with strangers on rows of 3 or 5 ! But of course, i will try to convince my husband to book Royal Silk Class ;-)

Wondering which category to book with Thai Airways ? The ailine offers 3 options :
* Economy :
Between 32 and 36″ seat pitch depending on the aircraft type, some of the most generous legroom amongst all airlines worldwide.
* Royal Silk Class – Business Class :
Angled shell design seats have 58-62″ of pitch and a width of 20-21.5″. Seats have lumbar massage and are equipped with 10 to 15″ AVOD screens. For flights four hours or more, a travel kit is presented, containing a selection of toiletries and cosmetic products, together with an eye shade, comfort socks and toothbrush set. On flights to Japan and Korea, slippers are offered as a substitute to socks. The exclusive Royal Silk Class toilets are generously equipped with leading brands of toiletries, such as eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, and moisturizing hand cream.
* Royal First Class – First Class :
Spacious semi-private suites nearly 8 feet long, seat width is a generous 23 inches on the new-model Boeing 747s and expansive 27 inches on the Airbus A380s. In-flight entertainment systems boast 23-inch flat screens with approximately 130 films, 300 television programmes, 500 music CDs and a huge variety of games and special features. Champagne on arrival, gourmet catering and lavishing caviar serving. 
Pictures by Luxury Chic Travel and Thai Airways.


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