Sunday, 2 August 2015

Exclusive travel by Haute Compass

To all Iphone fans and fellow travellers, there is a new travel app that you do not want to miss ! Haute Compass has now launched its new application and is available – for free – on the app store.
The Exclusive Travel by Haute Compass app can be found on the App store.
The Exclusive Travel by Haute Compass app can be found on the App store.
The work on the Exclusive travel app, as Haute Compass founder Malin Lundberg Müller explained to me started about a year ago. She is now completely satisfied with the final product and believes it will help out over travellers like her. Here is the interview I made with Malin…
When did the idea came to you to create this application ?
The idea has been growing slowly for about 1 year and a half, and no, I am no technical freak, my background is legal so you can imagine how much I have learned through the process !
How this application is different to the other travel application ?
One difference is the quantity. Over 1,000 personal recommendations in London, Berlin, Milan, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dubai and the French Riviera are reviewed in the app and by using the same design users get the immediate “touch and feel” of my website Haute Compass.
The app also has a “near me” function which allows you to search for the recommended exclusive places that are close to your current position. But the biggest difference to other apps is that all recommended places can use the app as a channel for their news and promos with their own login which enables the user to get the latest directly from the source.
Exclusive Travel by Haute Compass
How can travellers use the application to help their travels ?
The traveller needs less planning since the app is always with you and up to date, you can for example be strolling around in a new city with a quick consultation of the app get invaluable knowledge about your surroundings. Is there maybe a trendy roof bar across the street, or a popular concept store?
By using the app Exclusive Travel by Haute Compass you get very much local knowledge and there is no need to carry around all those articles you previously have pulled out from in-flight magazines, FT weekend, and well all those great sources on exclusive travelling.


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