Friday, 25 October 2013

Luxury Mandarin Bar Hotels

The bar is offering a list of Champagnes and wines but most excitingly a long list of classic and contemporary cocktails. I found the Mandarin Bar perfect for pre-dinner drink or post-dinner drinks, meeting up with friends or why not for a date ! It can get extremely busy though but Marco, the Assistant Bar Manager is always there to assist me when I need a seat !! The Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental London in Knightsbridge is one of those high profile bar where is it good to be seen and see.  However, the service is excellent, warm and professional. The interior is chic, contemporary and the catwalk bar design will make you feel like a celebrity.
I tried the classic Mayfair Martini with a touch of sage and a Negroni ! Which one is your favourite cocktails ?


  1. One of the cozziest and nicest hotel amenities I've ever went to.

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