Friday, 25 October 2013

The Citrus Restaurant at The Sheraton Park Lane

Citrus Restaurant
We started by ordering a basket of bread with olives and olive oil £3.95 what a surprised when we saw this huge basket arriving! It set the tone for the rest of the lunch, a warm and friendly service with great food to come…
Bread selections at Citrus Restaurant
For starters, we ordered a sea-trout and crab cake with a roasted red pepper aioili £7.50 which was really fresh and tasty and a zuppa di pesce alla Toscanna (Fish Soup) £7.95 as good as in Italy! The delicate presentation of these two simple dishes really emphasis the quality of the fresh ingredients used by the Chef.
Citrus Restaurant at The Sheraton Park Lane
Citrus Restaurant at The Sheraton Park Lane
Those starters made us even more hungry for the mains ! I opted for the traditional cannelloni of spinach & Gorgonzola, endive & walnut salad £13.75 which was creamy, cheesy and tasty. Not really fat free though with the generous amount of cheese the Chef added to it…but I loved it!  The other main course was the prosciutto, buffalo Mozzarella & rocket Pizza £10.50. Very good pizza with a nice crust and lots of prosciutto on top !
Citrus Restaurant
Citrus Restaurant at Sheraton Park Lane
We were so full by then that we did not order a desert but…we will next time we come back ! We already selected other courses to try such as the pan seared seabass fillet, artichokes, cherry tomatoes,  grilled halibut fillet, fondant potato, sautéed spinach, smoked anchovy butter, potato gnocchi, wild mushrooms & smoked chicken, tarragon cream sauce…
2 starters, 2 main course, basket of bread, water and coffee £55.68.
View from our table !


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